Free Resume Builder, along with Job Search. is the premier free resume builder and resume creator which allows users the ability to improve their resume to increase their chances for consideration and interviews for the best jobs. also betters the users' career utilizing twitter, facebook connect, and other social media while ensuring personalized privacy and confidentiality.
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  Frequently Asked Questions

How does ResuWe work?
ResuWe allows you to reformat, restructure, and optimize your resume simply by uploading your current resume. Our groundbreaking technology recognizes the key components of your resume and allows you to quickly and easily re-build your resume with minimal to no data entry!

How much does ResuWe cost?
It's free!!! ResuWe does not charge you to create your resume, use templates, or download your Word resume. We do plan on launching a small paid service in the future but this will be to cover our costs for a unique job search feature.

I already have a resume, Why another resume builder site?
ResuWe is designed and built by experienced recruiters who understand the best job search practices. We designed ResuWe to be the most easy to use and efficient resume building and optimization site. Our technology allows you to simply upload your Word resume, recognize your Education & Work History, and minimize data entry. We also allow you to post your resume with online profile online in a way which best suits your job search status and managing your privacy.

How do I create a resume with comments and "thumbs up" from my Facebook friends?
Once you create your free profile click on "Save Profile" and this will automatically take you to your public profile. From there you can invite friends who you want to make comments on your resume. You can also share the URL to your Facebook resume on your Facebook wall and ask people to give you "thumbs up" with one simple click.

Why should I create a Rev'd up resume using Facebook and how do I share it with companies I am applying to for jobs?
This will help you differentiate yourself from the other job seekers and will show hiring managers that you are well liked, recommended, and a team player. In order to share it with hiring managers you can include the URL link on your Word resume and in cover letters.

Why are ResuWe templates best? I also hear they are boring...
ResuWe is founded by experienced recruiters who have consulted extensively with other recruiters and employers about preferred resume standards. Most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems which parse out and display resumes in an HTML format. Many Word resumes, though they look great in Word, do not display well in HTML based Applicant Tracking Systems. ResuWe will allow you to download your resume as a Word document which also parses and displays well in Applicant Tracking Systems. Sounds complicated, but trust us, this is important!!! We know.

What else can ResuWe do to help me find a better job?
ResuWe is an evolving site and we are committed for the long haul. You will be able to search jobs and manage your search process through ResuWe. We've been recruiting for over 12 years and want to share our job search expertise by combining tools, tips, and techniques to provide an interactive job search experience. We will help you with the part of your job search process you are working on whether it be Resume writing, preparing a cover letter, or even a podcast to listen to on the way to an interview!

How will ResuWe maintain my privacy?
As experienced recruiters, we know how sensitive privacy is while running a job search. ResuWe users are able to completely control their privacy settings from displaying a full resume to a minimal profile.

How will ResuWe promote my personal brand?
Resuwe will integrate with Twitter and also allow you to promote your blogs by displaying your profile with an RSS feed. Your online profile will also serve as a central site with links to your websites and other social media pages.